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Nobel prize for behavioral economist Richard Thaler: a nudge in the right direction for research in public policy and administration

by Thomas Schillemans and Barbara Vis

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Richard Thaler


Woorden tellen. Linguïstische analyse visitatierapporten woningcorporaties Nederland 2015

Logo SVWNDit onderzoek betreft een linguïstische analyse van visitatierapporten van verschillende woningcorporaties. Het doel van het onderzoek is te verkennen welke kenmerken dit type verantwoordingsdocumenten heeft. Dit onderzoek is uitgevoerd in overleg met de Stichting Visitatie Woningcorporaties Nederland. Het onderzoek is te downloaden via onderstaande link:

2016 Woorden tellen. Linguistische Analyse Visitatierapporten Woningcorporaties. [pdf]

Calibrating Public Sector Accountability. Translating Experimental Findings to Public Sector Accountability


Accountability mechanisms are among the most important means with which governments guard and improve the performance of public sector organizations. However, research documents a  plethora of accountability-failures. A key issue is: how can public sector accountability become more effective? This paper seeks to answer this question by connecting two largely separated strands of research: public administration research on real-world organizations and experimental  research on the effects of different forms of accountability on decision-making. The paper develops the Calibrated Public Accountability model (CPA-model) from experimental research findings which can be used to investigate how accountability can be calibrated to task requirements of organizations. Click here to read the paper.