Accountable Governance

Research resources

Database of experimental accountability studies

A systematic literature review of the experimental behavioral studies on accountability up to 2017 was conducted as part of the CPA-project. The review summarizes the findings of 266 experiments published in 211 articles. We provide a searchable database of the effects of accountability mechanisms reported in these experiments.

Open survey data

The CPA-project conducted a survey in 2017, focusing on CEOs of agencies in 7 countries: Australia, Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK. N = 498; response rate 45%. The data is available via DANS.

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Qualitative overview of accountability studies

This qualitative overview systematically assesses how accountability has been defined, when it is studied and what the main research findings are, in six academic disciplines.


Datasets experimental research

Datasets for behavioral studies of public sector accountability are available. See: