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Accountable Governance

The Research Project

How can public accountability more effectively influence key decisions and actions in public sector organizations?

This project seeks to answer this question by connecting two largely separated strands of research: public administration research on real world public sector organizations and experimental research on the effects of different forms of accountability on decision-making. The proposal focuses on a specific and widespread form of accountability: departmental accountability by public sector organizations. We argue that accountability needs to be calibrated to task requirements; different types of tasks can only thrive under calibrated conditions of accountability.

This research project signifies an innovation in the study of public sector accountability because of its cross-disciplinary approach. The prime focus is theoretical – we aim to understand the effects of public sector accountability on crucial decision-making – yet the implications can be profoundly practical and help policy-makers to improve accountability and public services.

The program features various sub projects:

  • Cross-disciplinary literature reviews
  • A broad comparative, international survey with international colleagues
  • A more focused analysis of accountability and governance in some sectors; including culture and arts
  • A qualitative-ethnographic PhD-project
  • An experimental PhD-project
  • A collaborative valorization project with important public sector organizations.

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